Monday, April 27, 2009

In Your Sleeve, People!

Everyone at work is worried about the flu that's going around. The nurses here are scurrying to calm people down and check that they have their flu shots. Someone posted THIS video on the work website. Hilarious! I recommend it to anyone - good family fun!

It is only 2 weeks until the Sheep & Wool Fair. I can't wait. Even though there is no yarn or fiber I could conceivably need, I still look forward to it with an unparalleled anticipation. Every year I'm eager to visit the Vermont Spinnery, Foxfire Fibers, Zeilinger's Wool Company, Grafton Fibers, and Spirit Trail yarns. Not only are the yarns, fibers and tools beautiful but the people are so nice! It's amazing that they recognize me every year, even though we only meet once and they see so many people in the course of their busy fiber-y lives. As you know (If you been following my blog for a few years), I like to slip in anonymously and early and spirit my way through the fair quietly. We'll see if I succeed this year.

I'm almost finished with the Baby Wrap Sweater. It almost reminds me of wrapping sushi, the yarn is so slippery and soft!


As you can see, I decided to go with button wraps on the sides instead of the big bow in the back or front. I thought ties wouldn't be quite so comfortable for a wriggly baby. Next steps: sleeves and cute buttons.

This post wouldn't be complete with a flashing of the stash! Woolgirl had a sale recently on some selected sock yarns and I bought a skein of Dancing Dachs in the colourway, Toadstool. Isn't it lively and vibrant? I don't know yet what it's going to be, but I have high expectations of a yarn called Toadstool. It will definitely have to be something fun.


PS - You won't understand the title of this post unless you watch the video.

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