Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Knit Year in Review

Christmas mantle

Every year's end, I like to review what I've done and make plans for what I'll do in the coming months. As I looked over the things in my portfolio, I was disappointed that I had completed so few knits (and no crochet!!)- only 37 items! Many of these were original designs, and yet I haven't written up the patterns. I resolve to do better in 2008. I am also starting this year with a new knitting notebook - my red one is completely full!

The 2007 knits:

1. Angora Gloves w Lace Cuff – Louisa Harding book

2. Wise Woman Raglan Cardigan - original design

3. Argyley Scarf – original design

4. Black Cashmerino Raglan T-neck – free web pattern Magknits

5. Bracken Seattle Bus Mitts – free web pattern

6. Broccoli Driving Mitts – original design

7. Butterfly Slippers – original vintage design

8. Cotton Angora Night Cap – original design

9. Daniel’s O-Wool Chapel Socks – Thuja

10. DNA-ish socks – original design

11. Duckies Angora Socks – Knitting Vintage Socks book

12. Erin Lace Socks – original design

13. Exsanguinate Chevron Scarf – Last Minute Knitted Gifts book

14. Feather & Fan Face cloth – free web pattern

15. Garter Rib Silk Merino Crepe Scarf – Jo Sharp Knit Vol 1

16. Garter Stitch Eyelet Edge Face cloth – original design

17. Garter Stitch Mitts – free web pattern Ysolda's blog

18. Gold Sun Round Face cloth – free web pattern

19. Grackle Grackle ZeeBee Hat – free web pattern Schmeebot's blog

20. Malabrigo Seattle Bus Mitts – free web pattern

21. Jule’s Birthday Feather & Fan Socks – free web pattern Antique Rose

22. Lavender Garter Rib Face cloth – Jo Sharp Knit Vol 1

23. Ribbed Lace Bolero Deep Teal – free web pattern

24. Noro Charity Hat – original design

25. Noro Pointy Charity Hat – original design

26. One-Skein Noro Picot Edge Hat – original design

27. One-Skein Noro Top-Down Hat – original design

28. Orange Top-Down Charity Hat – original design

29. Orange ZeeBee Charity Hat – free web pattern

30. Peaceful Feeling Fixation Socks – original design

31. Road to Lothlorien Socks – original design

32. Rose Leaf Cotton Socks – original design

33. Spring Forward Fall Back Noro Sweater – free web pattern Thrifty Knitter

34. STR Silk Orchid Socks – free web pattern

35. Van Helsing Candle-flame Socks – original design

36. Wandering Leaves socks – Favorite Socks book

37. Watery Cotton Lace Socks – original design


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have just discovered your blog - I especially love what you are doing with vintage patterns! Would you knidly post the link for the Bracken Seattle Bus mitts pattern? I googled and search Ravelry to no avail - but I have a friend living in Seattle whose last name is Bracken - this could be the perfect gift! Thanks for your help. Kabira Kabira501 at yahoo dot com

Unraveling Sophia said...

Hi Kabira! Bracken Seattle Bus Mittens is the name I gave to my version of the mitts - because the yarn I used was a colour called "Bracken" hand-dyed by my local yarn store, and I made them for someone who lived in Seattle and used the bus, so they needed the hole for the fingers to get out their bus tokens. The pattern was originally from or - I'll look around and see if I can find the pattern....

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