Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Yarniest of Christmases

I have holiday knitting and yarn pron to show and tell! A wonderful fest of knitting spoilage...

First up, my artist sister created pattern booklets out of 3 of my original patterns! These will be up on my Etsy store, Unraveling before too long. I'm also going to create a knitting & crochet zine with patterns and comix, and some knitted items for the shop....
pattern booklets 12 07

Then, this gorgeous Mountain Colours Mountain Goat (wool & mohair). This was a gift from the marvelous Jule, sister extrodinaire! She has an artist's eye for colour!
It is the softest yarn! The colour is Juniper, the most beautiful handpainted dark and deep shades of green. Green is actually my favorite colour - the colour I use most often when I'm shopping or knitting for myself. I'm thinking I'll make something from Fitted Knits or Romantic Knits out of this - I have 460 yards total!

my friend Nadine sent me some fabulous yarns, hand-dyed by two different German yarn artists. Sock yarns! Yay socks!
The first, on the bottom, is "Wollmeise" - that yarn that everyone on Ravelry is taking about! - in Siberian Iris - a huge 574 yards! Don't these colours look just like spring?! I can't wait to see how this knits up!
The next one, going clock-wise, is "Tausendschon" in possibly 'der dunkle Siede'???
The 3rd one is also "Tausendschon", in Fala Thorgana. I don't know what that means, but the colours are gorgeous flower colours - about 430 yards!
My German is atrotious and Babel Fish translator doesn't recognize these words, so if you know what these mean, please let me know!
Nadine knows I am seriously addicted to sock knitting and I will love every minute with these exotic sock yarns.

next up: my bf gave me yarn money (very smart boy!) with a note that said it could only be used for yarn! Then, on Boxing day, he took me to a yarn store several towns away and I got to choose yarns for several projects...

sock yarns for Jule socks:
a. Regia colour b) Koigu c) Seacoast Handpainted Fire and Coals

Sock yarns for friend socks:
a. Panda cotton, ivory b)Fiesta BabyBoom in Rhubarb c) Fiesta BabyBoom in Burnished Red
a) Kaffe Fassett colour b) Regia silk sock in chestnut and crimson

Should keep me kntting for a while, don't you think?


Nad said...

Ok, the first Tausendschön yarn is "Fata Morgana", the other is called "The dark Side". :) Both are part of the "Yarn of the month" series. And mmmmh on the other colours! As for the WOllmeise- her yardage is amazing- I got two pairs out of one skein- one full size, one sneaker socks with a generous cuff. :) I almost got you the Kaffee Fassett yarn and the silk! LOL Now I know you like it! :) :)

Unraveling Sophia said...

Oooooo - I love those titles! Fata Morgana, the half-sister of King Arthur... I'm going to have to design something special for that colourway! And The Dark Side - as in.. "come to the dark side Luke..." - it is a beautiful chestnutty brown, blue, and black. I bet its gorgeous when it all blends together in a pattern. I thnk I'll make "Dark Side Monkeys" or I wonder if Bellatrix would be good with this - can't get much more 'dark side' than Bellatrix! :D
Thank you Nad!

Nad said...

a shop!!! What a great idea and oooh! A Zine!!!! :) I love those news... And yes, it was a Star Wars reference for the Dark Side yarn. I love the way it is dark but still with color variation. I saw some FOs in that yarn and ooooh- it is amazing! As for the Bellatrix pattern- I frogged mine. the black rose yarn was just too precious to be used for a pair of socks that I could not wear every day. It was fun to knit though and I might try again one day- but I am thinking Monkey Socks for Lucy right now- it is such a fun pattern and looks amazing even though the repeat isn't rocket science.