Saturday, January 19, 2008

the next knit

It's not been easy to find time to post to my journal, with getting my classes ready for the Spring semester and fending off the evil Catherine, who pounces on my fingers every time I try to type on the laptop!

I have just a small offering for you, to help you survive this long and cold winter... FERRYHALIM games! These are cute and gentle games (though some involved boats that crash and burn on iceburgs!) and I like the ones with the jumping hedgehogs and the little mouse that bumps butterflies into flight! I hear that there is one with ladybugs, but I haven't found it yet...

Right now I'm watching the rerun of Masterpiece Theater's new production of Persuasion by Jane Austen (a really terrible adaptation). They have cut large parts of it, to make the 1.5 hour show fit into tonight's time slot, and that has made it even worse! Though its dreadful, I did notice one exciting screen shot: as Anne is playing a sad air on the pianoforte, the camera moves to her hands and show a pair of very long fingerless gloves in knit (or crochet) lace!

I'm starting a new knitted project: this "Zelda" slip from the book Naughty Needles. It's a little lacy slip with garters to hold up your stockings. Very fun!

Zelda slip

At first, I was going to use some Fiesta 100% silk yarn that I have in the colours shown in the picture. But I don't think that silk will wear well for this pattern, as silk has no "memory" or elasticity, and I've heard it pills terribly. So now I have a seagreen silk, linen and nylon yarn for it.

This yarn, in this very colour:
new berocco yarn

Don't you think that will be lovely? And the yarn's name is perfect!

Now Catherine has pounced and bloodied my hand again, so I must go and put some Bacitracin on it. Evil kitty!


Phlel said...

Beautiful color yarn for your sliplet. Too fun idea. Love all your vintage booklets too. How lucky you are to have found them.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Hi! Thanks - I love love love vintage booklets - I started with the ones from my gram and great aunt and then found many in charity shops and then friends started sending them to me....(I'll leave out the dark period where I got obsessed and started bidding for them on eBay! LOL). I just wish I was better about knitting and crocheting from them, instead of buying new patterns.

Briley said...

Sophia, I can't wait to see your latest project, the yarn looks delicious! I've given you a blogging award check out my blog for details

Unraveling Sophia said...

wow Thank you!!