Friday, January 4, 2008

Seattle's Bracken

I had a request for the pattern to my Bracken Seattle Bus Mittens and as I was searching for them, I realized I had never posted them to my journal! I made these in mid-winter early 2007 as gifts for my sister and her boyfriend.

His pair was made from a hand-dyed yarn created by my local yarn store in a colour called "Bracken". It is a green-brown so dark it looks black.

Her pair is a varigated Malabrigio - I love the deep greens and light greens, like light through the forest branches. Both pairs have a foliage theme....

Seattle Bus Mitts Malabrigio

As you can see, they have a little opening for searching for change, bus tokens, and cards in your pockets. I also made the thumbs open (a modification I made to the original pattern) because its hard to fish for change without that opposable thumb! Another modification - I didn't knit a ribbed cuff on these, but just knit straight from the wrist up.

Seattle Bus Mitts palm

I'm happy that I was asked to look for this pattern again, because I'd forgotten how great these were! I need to make a pair for myself and my boyfriend!

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Nad said...

That's such a nifty idea! I think I better go and look for those needles. I have the perfect yarn. And the opening will work very well when I have goats to tend to- I keep removing my mittens and the gals are SO helpful- they don't only hold them for me- they even chew them up for me- so I'd prefer to keep them on... :)