Monday, January 1, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

rabbit rabbit (for good luck) and Happy New Year!

Many of my friends are contemplating their beliefs and inner philosophies as they approach this fresh New Year. Others are seriously planning improvements in their lives in order to ensure a better year to come. Both are laudable endeavors. But I am not of that sterling, solid temperament. My first thoughts on entering this new year were...

"What the hell happened to all the great knitting projects I was going to accomplish in 2006???"


"What am I going to knit in 2007?"

To help in this New Year's planning project, I have diligently searched through my knitting bags, the bags under the couch, beneath the cushions of the couch and chair, and the photos in my computer and have compiled what I believe is the definitive list of 2006 knitting projects - the finished and the unfinished. This list is essential to my plans for a more thoughtful, a kinder, a more temperately plan-full year of knitting in 2007; in other words - more finished objects, less ill-conceived designs, fewer quickie addictive little brainless knits, and more - much more - monogamous knitting (finishing one project before starting another).

This list has also helped me to determine friends I have neglected this last year...for instance, I have been talking for two years now about making a prayer shawl for the Professor (I have the yarn and have created the design but have not even started on it) and this past year I started - but did not get further than the first heel on - pair of white embroidered socks for my Deacon friend Daniel to wear in the chapel. Other friends received knitting but I wasn't happy with what I designed for them and want to try again (the Secret Garden shawl needs to be longer and in a thinner, silkier yarn; Carina needs something black; Rose needs a red lace scarf; Julie is missing the gloves that were supposed to go with her scarf). And Jule definitely needs the vintage blouses I've begun but never completed - all three so close to being done!

Determined! I need to be more determined!! The New Year gives me more potential time, but it doesn't change me from who, essentially, I am: creative, chaotic, lacking in pattern-commitment, easily bored with tedious repetitive stitches, and addicted to trial-and-error rather than careful planning, and way too easily seduced by the new, pretty yarn that catches my eye and whistles in my direction! I take joy in the new design, the new yarn, the lovely colours and the delicious feel of the fibers. I cannot promise I will ever be a monogamous knitter. But I do promise that 2007 will be full of new ideas and coluorful pictures, a few of my own patterns and lots of knitted gifts.

2006 knits
(S-A means its my own original design)


2 Bath Sets (knitted bowls and cloths) S-A

Apple Green Alpaca Scarf S-A

Black cotton Bistro shirt S-A

Black Silk Hat w/ Pompom

Black Manos John Hat S-A

Black Stria Cotton Shrug

Blue angora scarf

Blue Silk Legwarmers

California Roll cat toy S-A

Carina beaded gloves S-A

Carina bubble scarf S-A

Commemorate scarf – Sausage S-A

Commemorate scarf – Shadey S-A

Cupcake blouse

Finger puppets bag

Green Eyelash scarf

Holly’s Secret Garden Shawl S-A

Julie Rose Lace scarf S-A

Leopard Angora scarf

Marky Koigu Gloves S-A

Noro pillow S-A

Picot Edge Shrug S-A

Red ruffle scarf S-A

Rose Leaf gloves S-A

Sea-wave Aqua Shawl

Tiny Sock Earrings

Vintage Style Pink Silk Socks S-A


1933 Blouse in Black Koigu

Cathedral windows scarf S-A

Daniel’s chapel socks S-A

Drowning shawl/scarf S-A

Haze Swallowtail Shawl

Finger puppets HP S-A

Purple Loop Shrug

Rose Garden Socks S-A

Black Mock-T Blouse S-A

Black Vintage Barista Blouse S-A

Aqua Water Waves Shawl S-A

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