Sunday, October 23, 2005

Staying centered

This week I finished the second pair of Gothic Lolita gloves (black) and sent them off to Silver-Apples stores. I started the second sock of the crocheted pair (these are for me and I can’t wait to walk around the house in them! Do you know how seldom I make something for myself????) And……I did some Spinning!

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I don’t know what I will knit from this hand-dyed, hand-spun sheep’s wool yarn. Maybe it will be a holiday present for a little girl I know who likes to knit.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Knitting (well....crochet)

Have you ever had chocolates for breakfast? I just did! Still basking in the comfort of chocolate-y happiness that my buddy Daniel sent me!

I am trying to keep up with my many projects, and here is the latest knitting... (except that its crochet!)
The Book: Louisa Harding Accessories:

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The Yarn: Louisa Harding Inpression colour 04 (and a pic from the book):

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The project: Crocheted sock with crocheted cable on the ankle ~ you can just barely see it because of the varigated yarn. This is my own pattern that I created a couple of years ago. I'm going to post it on Silver-Apples with some other original patterns at some point!

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I really need to finish these because I want to make an altar cloth for my Deacon friend Daniel with embroidery and filet crochet edging in some medieval designs! Oh, to be at the ocean with a design studio over-looking the sea!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Knitting to Sci Fi

Home from work early, feeling crummy, I spent my afternoon knitting and watching Sci Fi ("Make it So!" and 'Love that Stargate!' well, actually, love that Colonel O'Neill), and drinking champagne (hey, why not?)...

The Champagne, with orange juice in a vintage pink elephant glass:

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The result is a pair of cute fingerless mitts. This yarn:

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Balzac Wool (Classic Elite) superwash 100% wool in colour #2989
65 yards and 50 grams/ball
looks like sport weight

The Sci Fi inspired me to make them fingerless~ (easier to carry your communicator)

And the champagne made them ~elbow length~ just knitting and knitting without thinking until the yarn ball ran out! LOL

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{The mitts during the bind off process, almost finished, laid out flat before seaming...}

Cast on 36 stiches using size 8 US needles (5 mm)

Rows 1 - 4 Knit in rib stitch (Knit 3 Purl 3) across for 4 rows. You can make this part longer if you want it to cover more of the hand.

Row 5 Knit for 20 stitches, then bind off 2 stitches, then continue knit St to end
Row 6 Purl 14 stiches, then make one stitch (knit in front AND in back of next stitch) in next two stitches, then purl to end of row.
Rows 7 - 19 knit the next 12 rows in stockinette st (knit one row, purl the next).
Rows 20 - to end of yarn, Rib stitch, knit 3, purl 3 each row, each side. Leave enough of a tail to sew up the side seam.
Make two (well, one for each hand. If you're an alien, obviously you'll need more!)

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Finished mitt (not my hand, but shows how neat they work with lots of rings)

and this is the fingerless glove with its little skull on it:
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Gothic Lolita!