Thursday, April 2, 2009

bluebirds, and elephants, and dinosaurs - Oh My!







Yes, that's right. A baby boy is coming into our family. We're so excited and happy! Little Jule is going to have a little jewel of her own! That's why all my knitting has been preempted by baby-knitting. Yesterday, at a work meeting I just made a list of all the things I'm going to make while others were talking. I have a list for now and a list for later!


1 silk bonnet (done)
3 vintage undershirts
2 sleeping buntings
1 buster brown booties
1 Baby Surprise jacket
3 diaper covers (done)
1 soft cotton blanket


2 bear head blankets
1 hooded sweater
1 navy blue Navy coat
1 navy blue sailor pants
1 Dokumon pants
3 pairs socks (1 done)
2 cardigans (1 BSJ done)
2 hats (1 done)

In other news, my local yarn store had a sale last weekend and I had great fun browsing the shelves and chatting with the friendly staff. Here is a picture of the lovely Lori and Kelly showing their new shop aprons!


I was quite taken with the aprons and mentioned that they would be great for knitting - a place to put all the little tools you need for your project, as well as your center-pull ball of yarn. When I got home and opened by bag I found one nestled slyly under my sale yarn!! How nice is that!?!? I love my LYS - the Elegant Ewe.


VicJoRob said...

Congrats on the new babe! Now all the nesting must be done in a hurry. When will he arrive?

Unraveling Sophia said...

September - supposedly early September. I am knitting at a furious pace but using tiny yarn makes it go more slowly. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't HAVE to have everything done beforehand!

Anonymous said...

And of course you do not have to knit everything yourself- just cross a pair of socks off your list! I'm already working on them..... as soon as I heard it is a boy I knew that I had the perfect yarn. :) :) Nad

Unraveling Sophia said...