Thursday, July 26, 2007

Commemorative knitting for HP book 7

I want to knit Snake Socks to start my commemorative knitting for HP book 7.

The Naga are mythical snake like gods, the most famous Naga - Mucalinda - was said to shield and protect Shakyamuni Buddha during his enlightenment. You never know when enlightenment is going to strike. For this reason, I believe everyone should have their own pair of snake socks to protect them while walking through this world.

There are good snakes like Mucalinda and bad snakes like Nagini, and I'm ready to explore them both in knitting! I’ve collected six patterns for hand-knitted snake socks.

My favorite is Snake Scales by Nadine. She designed this around a particular special yarn called Snake Venom, but it would work well with any two-coloured hand-dyed yarn, especially ones of Slytherin colours.

I would particularly like to use this yarn

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which I am going to dedicate to a certain Potions Master. I think his Slytherin colours would be a bit deeper, a bit darker and more intense than the usual silver and green…

Here are all the possible patterns:

Snake Scales by Nadine - (scroll down)

Snakes on a Sock by Miss Lime of Lime & Violet

Snake River by Judy Becker

Snake Skin Socks by Michelle Fischer

Nagini by Gigi Silva for Socktopia

Naga by Abigail Welbourn

and here is another commemoration, that I wish I had had thought of - The Fred & George Socks

And finally, I leave you with Our Lady of Perpetual Knitting

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