Thursday, July 12, 2007

lots of HP patterns

Now that the Movie is out (and don’t tell me, please – I probably won’t get to see it until this weekend! I’ve already been closing my eyes and ears as I visit blogs and doing the visual equivalent of “La la la la la!” so I won’t read anything!), the knitting and crochet world is really going crazy with new patterns and ideas for costuming and fandom! I have a couple of patterns myself, but haven’t gotten them tested in time to post them, because I am still going batty over sock patterns I’ve been busy…

Here are a few of my favorites, found as I roll around the internet late at night:

Divination gloves

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Horcrux socks (would love to show you but she doesn’t allow picture copying from her blog)

More HP relate sock patterns can be found at , namely the Bellatrix socks and the brilliant Fawkes socks…


Hogwarts House Band Cuffs

HP intarsia graph for Cami (link to full sized graph)

House Elf Hat (in costume)
No pattern but very inspiring picture for making your own!

Crocheted Molly sleeves

Gryffindor Crocheted Lap Blanket – no pattern but can be figured out from the photo:

And my most coveted... A Snape knitted car seat cover!

Harry Potter graphs for afghans, etc.

Harry doll with directions:

and lastly... non knitted, but hilarious
Tea and Sympathy with Sock Monkey Friends Snape and Dumbledore (scroll down…way down…)

Now, don’t you feel ready???

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