Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank you!

I received an award! Wonderful Ziarah, who is both a blog friend and a Ravelry friend, gave me the Kreativ Blogger award:


This makes me so happy - I like to think that people enjoy reading my ramblings.

I love blogs myself. I hear a lot of people say that they don't read them anymore, but I do. If you follow someone for a long time, its like a novel - a story of their life and interests. And so many people are so interesting and creative!

I'd like to give the Kreativ Blogger award to two bloggers:
Briley and CanarySanctuary - because they both are always designing wonderful things! I don't know how they are so productive in the midst of such busy lives, but they are! Briley designs for a yarn company, too, and teaches classes and workshops, and dyes his own yarn! Canary's designs are on Ravelry and are all so cute and wearable! I have a goal to make some of their designs this year...

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CanarySanctuary said...

Thank you so much! What a beautiful award :)