Friday, May 4, 2007

socks for everyone

Sock-knitting for my internet friend-list continues. I now have six pairs in a wide variety of colours and patterns. I've decided I Love sock yarns - so springy, so soft, so delicate. Quite a while ago I receive a big ball of Opal sock yarn in a colourway called "Owl", and yesterday I discovered a sock pattern on the internet (free) that uses exactly that yarn. Its called Eagle Wings Socks or something like that....(Oops here it is..."Eagle's Flight" should really be Owl's Fight don't you think?) I've put all my printed-out internet patterns in a notebook, divided into Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall socks, with a pocket at the back for special directions or tips (like super-stretchy bind offs for the cuffs). This was very satisfying work. There's nothing like finding the exact perfect pattern for a certain yarn for a certain person!

Just in case you're knitting socks, here's some pattern links:

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Spunkyhats socklinks

knitting about's sock patterns

That should keep us all busy for awhile! ;-)

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