Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lily of the Valley knitting

You have all thought that the polish on the knitting needles has affected my brains, and you would be right. I am truly 'round the twist' as far as this is concerned, and will now offer evidence by showing you what I have been doing...

I’ve been searching out German knitting books today from this site: http://www.bastelundhobbykiste.de, looking for a beautiful book on Lily of the Valley knitting that I saw on someone’s blog… I couldn’t find it, but I did have a happy time reading the very quirky translations spit out by my bable-fish translator!!

Fashion Socks stricken Natürlich mit der
The right socks for tired feet: Classically discreetly, summery in fresh colors or quite snugly by the combination with effect threads - in it feet feel fine. With instructions for toe socks, tops, slippers and bed shoes. The boomerang heel - great fit and quite simply! Step by step instructions for opening out!

Originelle Strickideen rund ums Jahr für Kinder ab 2 Jahren 01796
Knit makes fun, Particularly for Children.
This book unites everything that is needed for children between 2 and 5 years in ideal way. Pullover, caps, covers and naturally small animals for loving. Nice designs lead the viewer by the 4 seasons and illustrate the beautifully knitted projects. Unity trick samples and small embroideries bring color and aliveness into the classical forms.
[PS – I have this book in English and it is truly adorable!]

Wohnraum-Accessoires stricken & verfilzen 6639
Everything that makes the at home still cosier. With kuscheliger wool knitted and easy in the washing machine felts! The result: correct Wohlfuehl-accessory e.g. cushions, vase and hot-water bottle dresses, table set, more can-warmly and much more besides in new optics.

Socken quergestrickt 3045
Wild und Warm: They have the agony of the sock choice, because only you alone to decide whether them the Jean sock, the artist sock or the Ringelsocke as first to your feet to leave

Then of course, there is this one, since I am on a sock-knitting adventure!
Patchwork-Socken Stricken
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[I seriously want this, but I don't think it comes with an English translation of the patterns]

Then I found it! The most beautiful knitting book in the world: Lily of the Valley Knitting~
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And inside:
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This one does have English translation inside the book (so I hear), so it may be in my online ordering future! Don't you think its lovely? And if you knit these things, you, too, could live in this beautiful green valley of peace.

That's really what knitting is all about.

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