Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the Needles

It seems like a good time to talk about the current WIPs! It happened this way:

I have a certain kind of summer socks that I really like. They're not, I'm sorry to say, hand knit socks. They are a cotton and elastic combination that are very soft and stretchy and good with my Merrell summer sandals. I found a store when I was in Bar Harbour that had several pairs of these in their sale basket and I stocked up. Recently, as I had my ankles crossed and propped on the hassock, my bf remarked "why is the Knitter wearing holey socks?" Yes, they had split at the gusset seam and my entire heel was un-socked! I switched to the next pair - same problem; and the next - same thing happened within a week!

Finally I awakened to the ultimate truth: I should knit some summer socks for myself.

So here they are:

It's A Fish, in Crystal Palace Panda Silk, my own pattern:


and Kaibashira, in Tofutsies (I thought it was ironic and funny that the yarn has an element of Chitin - a fiber made from shrimp and crab shells - in it, and the pattern is styled after the scallop used in sushi):


I have to say that I rarely knit for myself so I'm having trouble finishing these. One of my tricks on myself is to knit two patterns at the same time, alternating socks, so that I don't get bored. Consequently, I have two different finished socks and two different half finished second socks. At the same time, I'm knitting a winter hat, a summer sweater, a lovely silk scarf, and a long, high-investment shawl (vintage pattern).

Have any of you started your Holiday knitting yet? I have plans - oh yes, I have plans. But my plans are always much bigger than my time, so we'll see what happens.


Mette said...

Lovely socks. I made a pair myself for the summer and use it in the summer evenings when I sit outside and watch the sunset.

Unraveling Sophia said...

I'll have to visit your blog (or your Ravelry project page?) and see if I can find a picture of your pair!