Friday, August 18, 2006

Longing to stay home and knit!

last night Marky, my dear friend in Australia, sent me photos of the gloves I knit him, so you can see that the same glove that fit my little hand (3 inches across my palm), fit his bigger hands:

He says that even though the Koigu is a lightweight wool, it is very warm and perfect to use in an unheated computer room! Yay!

Nadine, in Germany, (these are some well-traveled gloves!) is testing the pattern in a beautiful variegated blue Koigu and I hope will post a photo here in the replies when she can. She found some issues with the thumb directions, so I'll be working that out before I send the pattern anywhere.

I am so inspired by the knitting designs I want to create that are zinging around in my brain that I just want to stay home and try them out! But classes start in three weeks and I have to write some new ones that haven't been offered before so its work work work...

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