Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Nostepinne makes Big Balls

I have so many WIPs and so many designs dancing around in my little brain! If only I could knit and draw all day long. But summer classes are starting soon, so I have to get my assignments ready for students and I have a grant to write and so many other things! Still... my needles and hooks are flashing every chance I get.

The exciting thing is that I got to use my Nostepinne for the first time this week. It's perfect for bringing to my bf's house when I want to start a new project - since for some inexplicable reason, he doesn't have a swift and ball-winder there. Really, you could use any tube or stick for a Nostepinne, but it is fun to have a pretty handmade one!


Simply put, you make a slip knot and attach it to one of the grooves of the Nostepinne, then wind the yarn side by side in about a two-inch wide swath. after two or three layers of this, you begin to turn the Nostepinne away from you as you wind the yarn diagonally from top to bottom of the swath. My first ball isn't very neat and is a big oval, but I love it. It unwinds from the center, just like a ball wound on a swift.


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Kristen said...

Best. Post Title. Ever!

That's a really lovely Nosterpinne!