Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Something

Just like some people search for small shawls, I like to look for patterns for simple little summer sweaters. My latest is Samantha Roshak's (KnitQuest) lovely sweater, A Little Something. It only takes about 400 - 600 yards of yarn, so was perfect for some of my special low-yardage acquisitions!


I happened to be sorting through my stash this past week, and came across 4 small skeins - 130 yards each - of Grafton Fibers (Now DyakCraft) limited edition Harmonics. They don't sell skeins online, though they do sell the beautiful fiber batts for those who spin. I originally bought these skeins at the annual Sheep and Wool Fair a few years ago. The incredible blending of deep and subtle colours is so striking:


The skeins that I have are a nice light blend of mohair and silk. You can see the shine of the silk in the skein and when the yarn is knit up:


I am almost finished with this sweater, just ready to start the yoke (it's a bottom up design with no seaming), and the pattern is looking a little scrunched-up and small. But when I pinned it out to photograph, it was about twice as long as it is before blocking. It went from 14 inches to 27 inches!


My next summer sweater is in crochet. It is is the O-Wool Herringbone Mesh Crochet sweater and I plan to use BMFA Gertrude Skein STR in medium weight for it. These small sweaters are total instant gratification - perfect for a crazy schedule like mine!


Lynne E. said...

It's amazing that the sweater takes only 400-600 yards. Great pairing of pattern and yarn!

So said...

Looks very beautiful... I would love to start knitting and crochet again once I settle down after grad school and all.

MttR said...

Fine pattern.Read about your nostepinne. Must have:D