Monday, March 29, 2010

A soft and rainy Spring

A Ladybug is moving slowly on my windowsill, making her way over to the one plant I have here - a large and pretty jade plant in a purple blown-glass bowl. Outside, 2 or 3 inches of rain is accumulating in the streets. Usually, at this time of year, we get the last Hurrah! of a pretty significant snow storm. But Nature has decided to pass softly over us this time, and let the water come down as 3 days of rain instead. It's a cold rain - like water that's been chilled in the great white refrigerator of the upper atmosphere - but rain all the same.

An early Easter is coming, next weekend! I'm packing up my Easter boxes to send out to my little family that I love, and that means that my knitting fingers have been working until midnight most nights, trying to get things finished!


This bunny is missing his tail, and a really nice neck ribbon, but that will all be remedied by tonight. I love him. He's soft soft soft and just the right squishy-ness for little fingers to clutch onto.

The yarn is Baby Bunny, a Plymouth yarn that has a little angora in it, and the pattern is Cashmere Baby Bunnies, also from Plymouth Yarns. The pattern calls for 100% cashmere, but the yarn I used is washable, which is a plus for a baby toy, I thought...

In case you're looking for a quick spring knit, this baby bunny took me only one afternoon and evening to knit, sew up, and embroider. It's knit flat with increases and decreases to make the shaping, and then sewn up the back.

At the same time, I'm working on a salad of patterns that I hope to finish designing all at once. Colour!

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