Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring colours

Here where I live, spring has an uneasy relationship with colour. While the small shoots make a halfhearted appearance, like a cat sleeping with one eye open, winter still lingers in tattered petticoats that edge the yard and roads. An odd greyish snow mingles with newly uncovered mud and the browned remnants of lawns. Winter is harsh here, and what was left when Autumn ended is seriously battered when winter's clothing recedes. Life always asserts itself in the end, and in the riotous mid-summer of greens and reds, and purples, and yellows and blues, we forget how hard-won that colour was with its long labour of dark and rainy spring.

My favourite yarn source, although all the way on the opposite coast of this country, seems to echo my thirst for Spring colours right about now. I had to pull some of that colour into my house - like a bouquet.


This is Mossley Manly, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and it looks exactly like the world outside my window right now. I love how the rusts and greens seep into the dark browny-greys. Its hopeful.


I moved a little less cautiously forward into spring with a few more colours:


This is Valenscummy, the Mossley Manly again, Saffron Jungle, Nodding Violet, and Foofaraw. I love them all. Would you believe that they have made me determined to prep my gardens of old flowers this year so they can blossom with abandon? They make me want to go out and dance on the frozen lawn, defying Winter and inviting the excesses of Summer back to New England. That's the power of a few Spring colours.

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Anonymous said...

What glorious colours. Over here spring was well on the way when the skies delivered another light coat of white- by now it is just muddy and dirty white and I hate it. Still cold so bundling up in warm clothes is still a necessity. :( Spring cannot come soon enough for me. :) Nadine