Saturday, January 30, 2010

Favorite Things

I think that we are so lucky to have friends. Don't you think that friendship is such a good idea? Ever since Gilgamesh and Enkidu became friends in 2700 B.C., people have been finding those of like mind with whom to share their thoughts, joys, sorrows, and kindnesses. Friendship, unlike other relationships, has so few expectations - only the expectation is to continue... just to show up. Sometimes people think, "well, a friend should be forgiving, and supportive, and non-judgmental..." but - no - a friend doesn't need to be any of these things. A friend just needs to be present to share the moments of life whatever life brings.

Friends usually do much more than that, though. And on top of all of those intangible things, my friends give presents! Really great presents! I have a lot of favorite things, and the great majority have come from friends.

Here are some recent friend gifts that took my breath away with their generosity and wonderfullness:

Handmade Antler Stitchmarkers:

These are the most beautiful stitchmarkers! They come from THORAZOS on etsy and were given to me for Christmas by Julia, the artist that made them. (I understand that they might be available by special order). The wires are real gold and they are just the right weight. They are smooth and don't catch on the knitting and are just so cool. I love them beyond reason.

A Mood Bag:

I am an addicted Project Runway fan. Every week I watch those designers walk out of their fabric store, Mood, with those gorgeous huge bags over their shoulders and I think, "I could use one of those!!!" I had no idea that they were actually available, bu my friend Julie in Seattle found one and it was under my Christmas tree this year! As you can see, it is well used as a knitting bag!

Hard-to-find Yarn:

My friend, Nadine, in Germany, is such a generous friend. She is not at all someone who runs after the latest "it" yarn or who has to have the yarn that everyone is talking about. But I told her once that I wanted to see what this hard-to-get yarn was all about - just in conversation - and she remembered and searched some out. I have no idea how much effort and expense it took for her to track this down, but I think it was considerable - obtaining this yarn is a constant bun-fight. She sent it over the ocean to me! I can't wait to try it out. Really - just the fact that she went to so much trouble to find something I had said I wanted blows me away!

So, now I'm wondering - what are your favorite things that friends have given you?

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Logospilgrim, the quiet professor said...

A favorite gift of mine is this little wooden, sculpted Santa Claus figure... It is very precious to me :-)

And, Slytherin fingerless gloves...

And, thistle socks...

And, a glorious shawl...

And, a beautiful, warm hat...

You see how spoiled I am.