Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Spring

It is still winter - and should be the dark bleak ice of winter, being January in the Northeast. But an unexpected warmer temperature brought rain instead of snow and today the bright sunshine and glistening streets actually make me think we are closer to spring than my dark, frozen heart expected.

Along with this spring-like feeling, Rowan came out with the previews for their Spring/Summer issue: #47. I found full pictures on the HULU website, a place where the magazine can be ordered, though I usually just pay the extra bucks to pick it up at my local addiction supplier (AKA: LYS).

I've read a lot of grousing about the Rowan Spring/Summer story being too "pastel" but I thought the images were very spring-like and romantic. There were several designs that caught my eye, but only three that I think I would actually make.

This one - definitely a favorite style, with a fitted bodice and those gorgeous vintage-style sleeves:

This one intrigues me, though it looks loose and not very defined, it seems to made with a very fine, almost diaphanous, fiber - I have to admit I love and wear long droopy sweaters quite a bit, especially in my air-conditioned workplace:

and this one - I can't tell exactly what it is - vest? shawl? scarf? - but I'm a sucker for anything that shows a picture of the ocean, so this is definitely on my list!

Right now, all of my spring knitting is just in dreams. I'm still in the dead of winter where knitting is concerned, having finished an unsuccessful pair of dog-walking mitts, one sock of a pair of very lovely BMFA bf socks, and almost the whole front of a brown tweed alpaca cabled man's vest - coming along nicely, thank you!, if a bit boring st st knitting for the whole back.

In other news, BMFA has created two special colourways for the Ravelympics!

One, called Vancouver Violet is a shaded solid just the colour of the logo. The other, called Ilanaaq, which is the name of the Olympics Rings logo and means "friend" has all the colours of the rings in one skein. Very exciting!

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