Friday, June 27, 2008

Guinevere's Wedding Stockings


Yarn: Panda Silk, soft blue-grey

Needles: Knitpicks DPNs 5-in size 1.5mm

Pattern: My own (soon to be available on Ravelry)


As soon as I saw these socks in my mind's eye, I realized that they had an almost medieval elegance. I could see them in a soft kid shoe strolling across a green castle lawn, or covering a dainty foot as the queen bestowed her ribbons on the knights jousting for her favour. This is the way my mind works - always thinking about legend, symbol, myth, philosophy, the meaning of life and all that...

But perhaps that gives these stockings too much prominence. After all, they are just socks. Just a pair of hand knit hosiery... and yet, and yet....

Aren't all our patterns the children of dreams?

I've also been doodling during meetings. These inevitably lead to designs for knitting and crochet. This particular batch is for some charity projects for children:


I wanted these items to be fast and simple to make and available in either knit or crochet so that a wide variety of people in a Ravelry group I'm in could participate.

As you can see, its a very simple pattern for a small blanket - something to swaddle an infant or to comfort a toddler. On the other side, I'm experimenting with three small stuffed toys that could be included. Simple increases and decreases and then the faces - embroidered - are the hardest parts of these patterns. I hope to get them written up soon with a couple of the completed prototypes, so I can share with the group.

Lately I've been somewhat sad. It's rainy here, and dark, and work has been overwhelming, but it's more than that. It's that I've seen too much of Man's inhumanity to Man lately - people acting in retribution and control, not protecting the innocent but punishing small infractions, wars of words and retaliation, spiteful gossip and condescension. Where the heck have I been hanging out, you ask? Ah, there's the answer - Internet Forums! I wish that I could find a quiet group of gentle people, not without drama but without spite, with whom I could hang out online...a place that's similar to the real life I have here - tea and fibercraft, writing and relationships, charity and nature....

Do you know of such a group?


Phlel said...

These socks are absolutely lovely and elegant. Excellent design choice for the yarn you used too. Very beautiful.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Oh thank you so much!! This yarn is wonderful for socks - so smooth and soft on the feet. I lucked out finding a little country yarn shop that had a few balls of it in a basket for a low price and I snapped them up.

Paula said...

Such pretty socks. I've not made any socks yet, but my 16 yr old dd has made quite a few pair. Hopefully I'll attempt them soon...after I get a few sweaters that I bought much too expensive of yarn for finished.

Alyssa said...

I love the socks!