Monday, May 5, 2008

Wool Wool Wool Wool (and Alpaca)

This weekend is the Sheep & Wool Fair! Hooray!


This is always a huge event for me as so many venders gather in one place and I can find unusual yarns and even some unique accessories. This Fair is quite small compared to those in other states, but its friendly. Each year, the venders say, "Oh, I remember you! I saw you here last year!"

Here are some of the exhibitors who will be there - many of them have websites (I've linked to some, but for most you'll have to Google their names to find them) and the ones that are in Bold print are the ones I've bought from:

Blue Flag Herbal, Jean Bates-goats milk soap & related products
Spring Flag Herbal, Bev & Ben Chadwick- beeswax products & honey products
Maple Winds Farm, Victoria Collins-yarn, spinning wheels & maple syrup
SMM Embroidery, Ron & Dolores Figuly-custom embroidered products
Times Remembered, Pat Franklin-yarn, fiber, finished products, patterns & kits
Maple Creek Farm Fine Wools, Eileen Garges-hand dyed yarns & accessories
The Country Crafter, Judy Goodwin-spinning, weaving & knitting supplies
Zhong Guo Cha, Judy & Philip Guard-tea, tea ware, tea chest, imported from Asia
Leslie Wind Jeweler Ball and Skein, Leslie Wind-bronze & silver jewelry
The Spinning Bunny, Nancy Benda-fibers, rabbits, soap, hand cream, spindles
High View Farm, Boreen Billig, Will-Ewe Farm, Laurie Willey-wool products
Journey Wheel, Jonathan & Sheila Bosworth-Journey wheels and accessories
The Fiber Studio, Melanie Connor-knitting, spinning & weaving supplies
The Fiber Fetish, Michelle Day-fiber,knit items, handcrafted soap
Windfall Farm, Ann Desmet-traditional rug hooking kits, mitten kits & fiber
This and That Farm, Donna Herrick-fleece, roving, batts, yarn, locker & punch
The Yarn Farm,Dan Korngiebel-sheep supplies & equipment
Ink Drawings by Gene Matras, Gene Matras-ink drawings-prints,cards & shirts
Moat Mountain Farm, Robert & Roberta McClellan-splint baskets, broom & kits
Decadent Fibers, Pat Bull & Chris Moran-wool, yarn, needle felting kits
Nick's Meadow Farm, Bartlett Yarn, Susan & Lindsey Rice- wool products
Stonesthrow Farm, Katherine Smith-covered fleeces, blankets & sheep coats
Mostly Merino, Margaret Wilson-sweater kits, hand dyed yarn & stationery
Long Ridge Farm, Nancy Zeller-Earthues natural dyes, CVM & Romedale fiber
Dorchester Farms, Kenneth Abert-angora, wool & sock yarn
Spin-A-Bit, Sheryl Amaral-felting kits, books, supplies
Ward Brook Farm, Ingrid Byrd-rainbow dyed roving & yarns & natural
Black Sheep Designs, Sharon Costello-felt making kits, books & supplies
Grafton Fibers, Linda Diak-custom spinning/felting fibers, spindles, kits
Shepherd's Flock, Kathy & Rick Hege-sheepskin products
Jordan Family Farm, Jeff Jordan-custom shearing, spinning fleeces
Spinner's Hill Shop, Lisa Ann Merian-spinning fleeces, batts, and equipment
The Merlin Tree, David Paul-new wheels, antique wheels & fiber tools
Diamond Ledge Handspun, Norm & Darleen Ratte-felt paintings, handspun yarn
The Spinning Studio, Robin Russo-wheels, silk, silk kits, exotic fiber & silk paper
Elemental Designs, Susan N. Weaver-Cheshire sheep yarn, fleece, roving & dyes
Ackers Acres Angoras, Beth Acker-angora & rabbit fiber, yarn & wheels
Jule's Needles & Wools, Jule Cooper-roving, patterns, needles, yarn & supplies
Wild Fibers Magazine, Linda Cortright-magazines
Spin-N-Knit Crafts, Patricia Henecke-wool fiber, wheels, equipment & garments
The Wool Room, Anne Hennessy-knitting & spinning supplies, books & CDs
Solidago Farm Dilys Morris, Deb Kimball-Icelandic sheep products & fiber
Ellen's ½ Pint Farm, Ellen Minard-hand painted yarn & fiber
Foxfire Fiber & Designs, Barbara Parry-hand dyed yarns, patterns & luxury fibers
The Elegant Ewe, Marci Richardson-knitting/spinning supplies, accessories, books
Green Mountain Spinnery, David Ritchie-yarns patterns, custom wool processing
HodgePodge Yarn & Fibers, Tom & Sue Connary-fleece, homespun wearables
Mountain Vewe Coopworths, Marianne & Richard Dube-Coopworth fleeces, yarn
The Sweater Workshop, Jacqueline Fee-The Sweater Workshop book, kits, patterns
Golding Ring Spindles, Tom & Diane Golding-spindles, wheels & looms
Bit O'Heaven Fiber Farm, Judy Helie,
A Home-Spun Yarn, Donna Moody
Kitefield Farm, Carolyn Terhune-fleece, roving, yarn & sheepskins
Evergreen Farm, Harry & Louise Walsh-angora rabbits, fiber arts & jewelry
Ewe & I Farm, Jerry & Cindy Yeager
Cast-A-Way Acre, Shari Mead
Purple Fleece, Deborah Bergman-weaving, spinning, knitting, felting
The Spinning Bunny, Nancy Benda-fibers, rabbits, soap, hand cream, spindles
Fruitcake Farm, Marguerite Conley-yarn & fleece-Horned Dorsets
The Woolery, Deb Degan-yarn, needles, knitting bags, etc.
Still River Mill & Deirdre Bushnell, Greg Driscoll-bison & Samoyed yarn
K & R Crafty Gadgets, Karen & Ron Gandy-craft buddies, knitted items
Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Jennifer Heverly-rare breeds spinning fibers, painted yarn
Bunny Barn, Ann Jarvis-angora rabbits, fiber, hand kitted/woven items
Pollywogs, Diane Jezewski-yarn, fiber, needles, hats & patterns
Dover East Farm, Diane Kendall-art wear for knitters, spinners & sheep lovers
Heifer International, Kitty Lane-nonprofit organization
Loose Ends, Deborah McGlew (Freeman)-hand woven items, hand-dyed mohair
Valknitz, Valeria Merrell-hand dyed & painted yarns of natural & synthetic fiber
Woolybuns, Chris Morgan-luxury fibers, angora, wet felted scarves & mittens
Elihu Farm, Mary Pratt-fleeces-fine, medium & long
West Elm Farm, Patrick Roll-wool, soap, pelts
Abi's Web, Tom & Josie Speckert-variety of wool items, wheels and equipment
Sunrise Hill Angoras, Ed & Ruth Ticknor-Purebred French Angora rabbits
Evergreen Farm 2, Ray & Cheryl Walsh-cases, carriers & supplies for rabbits
Brimstone Hollow Farm, Deb & Les Weymouth-wool inspired art/craft
Carolina Homespun, Morgaine Wilder-spinning, weaving, knitting & dying
The Knitting Knook, Liane Wiley-yarn, kits & accessories, books
Weaving Guild, NH-demonstrating weaving, guild information
Long Ridge Farm, Nancy Zeller-earthues natural dyes, CVM & Romedale fiber
Bigger Stuff, Suzanne Beers-yarn, dyed fleece, rug hook wool & kits
Colonial Spinning Bee, Judith Cataldo-promoting Spinning Bees
Greenwood Hill Farm, Tom & Andrea Colyer-merino yarn, knit sweaters, kits
Fiber Dreams Farm, Jennifer Connolly, Critser Morse-yarn, roving, carding
Annie's Sweet Handspun, Dianne Edwards-patterns, bags, hats, scarves, yarn
Kelly Corner Farm/Lots of Locks, Julie A Patterson-roving, yarn, garments
Thyme & Ewe Farm, Paul & Sara Poisson-candles, soap & chocolate, stencils
Country Spun Treasures, Marssha Siegel-Jacob fleece, batting, roving, quilts, rugs
Kisakanari/Earth Haven Farm, Mary Iselin & Janet Sillars-Jacob & Romney
NE Border Collie Rescue, Donalee Slater-NEBR shirts, hats, leash & collar, cards
Western View Farm, Hope Thomas-hand weaver, sheepskins, fleeces
SayWat Farm Marble Meadows, Sue Carey & Cindy Watrou- fleece, felted crafts
Maggie's Farm, Maggie Alexander-tapestry knitting bags, soap, yarn, sheep signs
West Mountain Farm, Gayle & Lars Garrison-guard llamas, fiber, yarn
Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, Dan Melamed & Sara Healy-mohair, yarn, goat hides
Wellscroft Farm/Fence Systems, David Kennard-fencing systems
Pine Tree Knits, Faye Krause-wool, knitwear, accessories, gifts
Rocky-Rose Forge, Gary LaRose-wrought iron sheep heads, wood burning
Mirage Alpacas, Bill & Audrey Rhoades-fleeces, yarn, garments
Mad Angel Creations, Paula Warner-yarn, roving items, jewelry, used equipment
A Touch of Twist, Stephen Ableman-processing
Snow Star Farm, Loranne Carey Block-natural dyed yarns, kits, woolen products
Sheep Shed, Donna Carlstrom-wool, silk, sheep mugs, books, needles, yarn spindles
Riverslea Farm, Liz & Jeff Conrad-lambskins, yarn, roving, wool blankets
Golden Fleece Fashions, Adele Dupont-sheepskin & wool
Surprize Acres, David Dziengelewski-livestock supplies, clippers, sharpening
End of the World Farm, Katie Jarvis-roving, yarns, locker hooking, patterns
Hillcreek Fiber Studio, Carol Leigh & Dennis Kaiser-triangle frame looms
Friends' Folly Farm, “Pogo” S. Pogorelc-mohair & blends yarn, roving, dyes, hats
French Hill Farm, Bill & Diane Trussell-Coopworth fleeces, yarn, spindles, bags
Mohawk Valley Suffolks, Jean Walsh-framed sheep art, border collie items
The Irish Ewe, Deb Woolley-yarn, roving, fleece, Ashford & clothing from Ireland
Zeilinger's Wool Co., Gary & Kathy Zeilinger-wool related craft items, socks, yarn

PS - These photos are my wonderful yarns from the last 3 years of Wool Fairs. I won't be buying this much this year - that's sure. Not only do I need to be more frugal this year because of the economy, I need to make a dent in the Hill O' Stash I have blocking the computer room!

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