Friday, May 2, 2008

Past times

Yesterday, I received my knitting assignment from the Editor of the British book to be published in September, A Stitch in Time. I am one of the people making the garment samples to be photographed for the book. I'll have two projects.

The pattern and yarn was sent to me via Royal Post and took a month to arrive (darned Post Office!). I'll need to really put some concentrated work into this to get it finished in good time - I have about 4 weeks to complete it and get it into the mail for its trip back across the ocean. My boss is being very supportive of this project and given me today off to get started. I'll need to take a couple more days next week. I'm very much looking forward to this! I started the back last night and expect to finish it today and get started on the front.

My first project is so incredibly beautiful and a perfect example of vintage style! It certainly makes me look forward to the whole book. I think the editor is making fabulous choices of patterns.

Of course I'm not allowed to show pictures or to give details of the contents, but when the book comes out I'll be credited in the book for the items I made. When that happens, I'll point out which ones were from my needles. The cool thing is that I actually have the vintage needles that were originally used for these patterns! However, I think I'll used Addi needles, to make it all go quick quick quick! (This is so exciting!)

Off to make a cup of tea and get started on my day of professional knitting...

(not an image from the book...)


ziarah said...

Wow, that's so exciting! I look forward to seeing the finished book and your photos!! Let me know when it's out! :) Happy knitting!

Oh, and don't worry about the almonds - I've been eating almond and almond products (in VERY small amounts)after the allergy was discovered, and my allergies hasn't gotten any worse - I just have to be careful - if I eat a lot of almonds/nuts I get a bad reaction, but as long as I keep it to a small amount I'm fine :) And you couldn't have known, I should have remembered to tell you :) I'm allergic to chili too :P And dogs and cats... (one of my great sorrows in life is that I can't have a pet with fur)

I'm glad your package arrived, I hope the yarn was to your liking - I picked the colour # you gave me, but on the website's colour card I think it looked paler. Did the almond biscotti survive the trip, they're homemade - there's orange, sugar, flour, eggs and almonds in them, in case you're allergic to something :)

Semper ubi sub ubi, eh? I am worried about the exam, though, it's a six hours exam without dictionary or other help... Hopefully it'll go fine, I just need to read up on the last lectures.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Your Latin phrase made me laugh out loud! hee hee The things we did to scandalize our Latin teachers!

OMG ziarah, I LOVED everything you sent! The yarn colour is beautiful - a soft sweet green and there is enough to make a lace vest, which I want for spring. Of course you know I love that tea and I love that it says "Fine and Noble" on the boxes! Your biscotti were fabulous! I had one immediately when I opened the box. Did you make them? They are the best biscotti I've had anywhere, ever - truely! I'd better take a photo for my blog before I eat them all. And of course I was thrilled with the extra threads in gold and copper - so special! I am thinking that I'll pair a strand with a lace yarn to give it a kind of glow - should be stunning. :)

You are a great swap partner!

extra good luck with your exams. I hope the Latin exam is on a mythical story that you already know by heart!

Briley said...

That really is exciting! I can't wait until you are able to reveal what you have made!

Unraveling Sophia said...

Thanks Briley! It is truely a lovely pattern - I am working away here trying to make it to the milestone I set fo rmyself today.

ziarah said...

Thank you! I love swapping, and I try to do good at the things I like to do (one of the reasons why I manage to get good grades - I only study things I think are fun ;) Stopped having math as soon as I could, for example :P Haha)

Yes, I did make the almond biscotti - I can send you the recipe if you'd like it :) They are very easy to make, and I love the taste! Of course, one more thing I can't eat that often, because of the almonds... :P I have one about once a week or so :) I'm so glad you liked them, that means a lot - I love cooking/baking and good feedback is always nice.. makes me want to go bake right now.. instead of writing ten pages on the end of the world according to norse mythology... ;) (Not so boring that either, I just haven't gotten to it yet..)

The shimmering thread is a subtle way to make projects a little bit shiny - I used a silver thread in the beaded wristwarmers I just finished :) Btw, LOVE the Manos yarn, I've almost finished a pair of knitty's Spirogyra in just two days ;)