Tuesday, April 4, 2006

rain day

Today is a cold rain - almost feels like really wet snow - and I'm coming down with a cold and want/need to stay home today! I just want to cuddle under the comforter and drink tea and read a medieval mystery!

I just finished my first project from the new Crochet book by the same person who wrote Stitch ‘n Bitch: the Cupcake blouse. Its a really good fit (even though it looks funny in the photo; that’s only because I haven’t blocked it) - something I haven't experienced in crocheted items in the past, so I think the fact that the author is a knitter has definitely helped her shape garments to fit the body! I used a delicate self-striping wool sock yarn.

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I'm on a campaign to finish up all my WIPs so that I can jump into some Spring inspiration knitting without guilt! I got tons of yarn and knitting books for my birthday in March and want to make:

1. A long hooded cardigan (sort of like a bathrobe I can wear outside)
2. A lace work coral shawl - short enough to not get tangled up in my computer at work
3. The Branching Out scarf (from Knitty.com)in Frog Tree laceweight alpaca - ivory
4. A summer tank top from some variegated handpainted leaf green yarn, maybe the one from One Skein
5. A short summer capelet from one skein of Blue Heron Yarns "Confetti" in the colour: Heather
6. A One Skein Wonder or the short Anthropologie shrug or the pretty Bolero from Rowen's 'Classic Woman' from dark green alpaca

That will keep me busy all spring and probably summer too!

Will I actually follow through on any of this? We'll see! And this list doesn't include all the things I want to make for friends! (guess I'd better get started...)

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