Friday, April 21, 2006

Knit Haiku

Ooooo Knit love!

I found this great Japanese knitting site while looking for language translators for my japanese knitting books...

It has patterns (some in English) and really beautiful and funny photos...and.... Knitting Haiku!

The full wool yarn skeins
in the shops
tell the autumn has come.

One more stitch...
One more row...
Ah..! It's dawn!

How many people have touched
with their cheeks
on this soft yarn skein?

I hate all these
15 rows
over the mistake.

Praising her work,
I mumble to myself
"I can do it, too."

Autumn winds
always drift me
into yarn shops.

and Not-Haiku:

Didn't you praise
the botchy scarf
knitted by the young girl?
How can you
give the cold
to my paramount sweater?

Secretly, I turned over
your new hand knitted scarf.
Did you know how I was happy
when I found a brand-label on it?

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