Saturday, September 10, 2011

The making of vests

I love knitted vests on men. There is something so appealing, so winsome, and - frankly - so sexy about a man in a well-fitting nicely knitted vest. A case in point:


(this is Colin Firth in Another Country, 1984)

While not every man is a Colin Firth, I think they all come closer to that ideal with a nice knitted vest on.


This is my last Camp Loopy 2011 project, which was to be a project that uses at least 800 yards of yarn. Since I knit this in Madeline Tosh DK (in the Twig colourway) I used 1012 yards, or 4.5 skeins. I'm so happy with the fit and the style and how it came out.

It was not a difficult knit. (You may notice that every project I've knit since the Camp Loopy July/August Project 2 has had cables!) I'm highly tempted to make another - this time with more cables and in blue or green, maybe a tweedy yarn. I love Rowan Felted Tweed but one of the things that made this vest project fun was that it knit up so quickly - a fingering weight might take the fun out of a large project.


I highly recommend the making of vests. Besides - there are no pesky sleeves to hold up the finishing!


Mette said...

You are so right about men in vests. Your piece is so great. Looks like it fits perfectly.

Eric said...

I used to wear a vest all the time. Like the pretty-boy style. but many women nowadays find this to be unattractive like you are a square. So I stopped wearing them. lol