Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye to Camp Loopy

Camp Loopy 2011 is coming to a close soon and so many of us are feeling nostalgia already. The friends we've made, the skills we've learned, the knits we've accomplished, and the prizes we've won - it's all been so fun!

I've shown you how I learned to knit cables, and I showed you my Camp Loopy vest, but I haven't yet shown the first camp Loopy Project, a striped silk shawl in 3 colourways. The challenge was to make a two-coloured project, a shawl, wrap, or sweater. I chose Stephen West's Daybreak, a beautiful paneled and striped shawl.


And I knit it in three colourways from Hand Maiden Sea Silk: Earth, Hemlock, and Salt Spray. The silk yarn embodied the mountains, the forest, and the ocean and I called my shawl Daybreak on the Ocean.


Daybreak is a great pattern, not fast - especially since the rows get longer and longer from the neck down - but logical and simple. It's good travel knitting, great camp knitting, and the results are so beautiful they belie it's simple knit/purl construction.

I was so happy with the finished shawl and how the gradual lightening of the colours really was reminiscent of the sun rising over the eastern coastline of fields and mountains.

It was given away as a birthday gift this week and I so hope the recipient likes it.



Deb said...

Stunning!! Excellent choice of colors and beautiful knitting. Thanks for all you did to make Camp Loopy fun on Rav!!!

Unraveling Sophia said...

Thanks! I hope you had a good time too!

Mette said...

Sophia, those colors are so well chosen. Thanks for your Camp blogging.