Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Knitting News

Today is sunny, if not warm, and we still have an inch or two of snow on the ground from yesterday's April Fool's blizzard, but it seems like a perfect day to catch up on my projects. I have a few to finish and several that are calling me to get started!

First in the queue is the little guy's Oh, Handsome in Pima Wool:


As you can see, I am so close to finished, with just half a sleeve and the collar (simple!) to go. I don't think I have to worry that it will get warm before I get it done, though! It should be completed this weekend and on the blocking mats.

Nest in line is a pretty little pink sweater for a friend's new baby. I think I'll use the same pattern I used for the little guy's Librarian sweater when he was newborn. On his sweater, I used grey yarn and made a line of swimming blue fish around the hem.... I'm looking forward to being creative with something girly.

For my spring plans, a close friend who lives in a warm climate asked me to make her a little shrug to wear in her highly air conditioned office. Her first choice was this little capelette from the new Debbie Bliss magazine:


It looks fast and easy and I found the colour in my favorite silk and mohair yarn (Kid Seta) so that's one I'll surely do. Others I'm considering - since it's so much fun to make these quick and easy knits - are...

The Shetland Shorty by Gudrun Johnston (a free pattern on Knitty), and the yarn I'm considering is this Wool/Silk blend in a pretty rose colour, Mini Maiden from Hand Maiden Yarns:



Sagebrush by Hanna Breatz (another free pattern) and this skein of Sea Silk in the gorgeous colourway, Peridot, also from Hand Maiden Yarns:


and believe it or not, I'm already planning my Christmas 2011 knitting! I want to make sweaters and I'm looking at some designs from:

Quince & Co

A Stitch in Time

Tiny Owl Knits

So much knitting, so little time!!

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