Sunday, February 27, 2011


A weekend should be full of knitting and creativity and socializing and fun. Isn't that so? But lately, weekends in this New England town have been dominated by a bad tempered weather pattern that keeps grabbing us by the ankles and trying its hardest to pull us down. My time has been spent moving snow from one place to another instead of multiplying stitches with warm and vibrant wool. That fence in the background is 6 feet tall... yes, that one that now shows just 2 feet above the snow.


But in the hours when the two storms were raging or spitting their white flakes over us, here at the end of February - which should be preparing the earth for Spring flowers in stead of covering them for weeks more of cold sleep - and it was too soon to shovel, I did start and finish a winter hat for myself.

This is Leaves (I made two of these for friends last year) and is a fast and easy knit in Nashua Creative Focus Chunky and size 13 needles:


Appropriately, the colourway is named Storm.

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Mette said...

Snow is covering my garden, too. However I have given up shoveling. I just wait for it to disappear:D