Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sherlock Sighs... SPOILERS below

This post contains SPOILERS for the Victorian Writers Knitting Club. Don't scroll down if you don't want your surprise spoiled!

In a few short weeks I am going to be here:


(Excited, excited!)

This is a city I've never visited before, so it holds a special interest for me. I love travel. And I most love exploring new cities. The purpose of my visit is to present on work stuff and to hear others' presentations, but I've arranged some free time and I was so, so happy to find out that this shop, The Lamb Shoppe, was open until 9 PM on the nights I'll be there!

Oh, Lamb Shoppe, please be full of beautiful local yarns and don't be too alarmed if I bring them all home with me!

In other news, I am a member of the Victorian Writer's Knitting Club. This month, our focus is Sherlock Holmes and our kit contained a beautiful yarn called Hound of the Baskervilles from Zen Yarn Garden. This is Serenity Sock, and contains 10% cashmere. It is a distinct pleasure to hold and to knit, and the result is a super soft pair of socks that would make even the discriminating Holmes sigh with delight.


The pattern by Anne Hanson is a tweedy sock with a subtle diamond design, called The Sign of the Four. I'm enjoying this knit so, so much. The pattern sequence is only 8 rows but the embossed diamonds are just so subtle and pretty!

The kit also contained several other special gifts, including a little box which I have filled with my happy colourful stitch-markers:


A very satisfying package all around.

Next month, our kit will be themed around Little Women - one of my favorite vintage books! All movie versions of this story included such intriguing period knits, too. This is a very fun club! I listen to the free LibriVox versions of the books while knitting, after reading the free download copies on my Kindle. :) So many books! So much knitting! I need at least 3 lifetimes for this.

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