Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sorry I Can't Go Out with You


Around here, today is a big "sit in front of the Superbowl Football pre-game shows and eat and knit" day. The weather has finally heaved a sigh and settled down from it's uncontrollable tantruming. We have sun. We have melting. We have a town full of people exhausted from snow shoveling and worrying about their roofs collapsing. In short, people all around me are looking forward to a day that is a bit of a break from the struggle that was Winter 2010-11.

I say "was" because I believe that winter has breathed its last. Perhaps that's optimistic. There has been snow in Februaries past. But I can almost feel it - the worst of winter is over, and from today life will get a little easier.

Today is such a relief with it's Lyle's Golden Syrup sky, that I feel like beginning all new knitting projects. I have so much unfinished on the needles already though:

1. The bright blue "Oh Handsome" sweater for the little guy

2. A Black Tweed cardigan for myself (which stalled last weekend when the delicate gathered wrists I'd been envisioning turned into something horrifyingly resembling Leg-O-Mutton sleeves from the 1800's!)

3. The beautiful Miss Marple's Shawl, looking gorgeous in the lightest green Marine Silk

Focus! I need focus!

Or perhaps I just need a long quiet day or two to finish these projects up so - like Spring - I can start new, pretty soon.


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Mette said...

Glad to hear spring is coming up. Well, not all projects are meant to be, I just finished the chemise and I am so happy with it. Thanks again, Sophia.