Saturday, January 15, 2011

pic spam

Well, it's a slow week, what with the 2 foot snow storm and all, and I finished up a few small knits. The photos are quite terrible - phone photos in a house dark from winter - but here they are anyway...

Baby Mitts:


I searched hard for just the right pattern for fingerless mitts but didn't find one, so I improvised my own for a toddler with 5 inch wrists. That was 32 stitches. After an inch, I began increases for the thumb, every other row for 5 increases. I can picture the happy smile on his face when he puts these on!

Current famous movie mitts:


These are Amy's gloves, a late Christmas present. I made them from a bit of Koigu. They're meant to balloon a bit on the wrist to go over long jacket sleeves.

And, on the day of the Snow Storm, when I stayed on the couch and watched Edwardian Farm all the hours except those I spent shoveling snow, I knitted this scarf from one marvelous bulky skein of single ply hand spun with needle felted flowers from Pagewood Farms. I got it at my LYS for 50% off and I suspect that they only marked it down because they knew I wanted it so desperately!



Finally, I have the first photos of Holmes and Watson - dear yellow boys who used to live in an abandoned warehouse and now have a whole, big, warm, rambling farmhouse to explore!

This is the intrepid Sherlock Holmes. He is quite an investigator and his specialty at the moment is vivisection on the dolls: In this picture, he is poised in the cat carrier, ready to spring out and box with an enticing toy on a string that I'm dangling in front of his nose!


And here is a very blurry photo of the shy John Watson. You can see him in his favorite napping spot - a cardboard box of stuffed animals, capped by a huge soft lion. The lion stuffed toy is the same colour as Watson, and I think he likes to be amongst the stuffed animals because it must remind him of the pig-pile of his brothers and sisters and how they kept warm at night in the empty warehouse.


They are both still quite wary, but Watson let me scratch his ears yesterday - I think it was the first time in his life that he's been petted.

Wish me luck with these two wild boys. I think it will take a long time for them to become domesticated.


Mette said...

Sophia, what a splendid way to get through a snow storm. I am hooked on Edwardian Farm as well.

Logospilgrim, the quiet professor said...

Thank you so much for sharing photos of the kitties, most beloved! They are beautiful, as is everything you knit :-)