Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nice Hat

From this:


To this:


To THIS!!!


Nice hat. Really nice baby.


VicJoRob said...

I bought the same yarn at the Manchester Knit and Crochet show last week! Isn't it wonderful? I fell in love with the 100% silk in DK weight. I've already made a small purse with the green colorway that I purchased. My sisters immediately demanded headbands -- I had to order additional yarn online.

The hat looks wonderful. And yes, a really nice baby.

PS. I probably walked right by you at the Show. I was there only one day -- July 10.

Unraveling Sophia said...

i must have seen you - are you tall? a tall lady was looking at the silk the same time i was. she took the green out of the basket and i took the white! was that you? i had no idea you lived near here!