Thursday, November 26, 2009

smooth as silk....

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! at least, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US and happy Thursday to my friends in the rest of the world, since Thanksgiving is an American holiday based on when the original Pilgrims arrived on these shores and (supposedly) celebrated the first harvest with the Native Americans here. Living so close to Plimoth Plantation, I hear a lot about the assumptions we've made about that first Thanksgiving, but it's an American tradition now and we love it. It's one of our few holidays that hasn't been moved to a Monday or Friday! I'd love to hear about holidays in other countries that we don't celebrate here.

I've been away from the internet for at least two weeks because I lost my wireless! I finally got the laptop part I needed to connect again - what a relief! But... not having ready internet access did increase my knitting. I was knitting first thing every morning while I watched the news, instead of checking the webs. Lots of pre-Christmas knitting and crocheting has been going on. Unfortunately, since so many of the people that I knit for read my blog, I won't be able to share that with you for a few weeks...

I do have a new pattern for holiday knitters, though! Here's a little preview:


The pattern has been written up and will be in my Ravelry store soon, but I left the PDF at work so it may be a couple/few days before it's posted. This is crocheted and is very quick so makes a great last-minute gift. My sample, above, was made in fingering weight silk similar in size and twist to perle cotton.

I got the silk at the old Fiber Studio when they used to have weaving yarns - lots of silk, really inexpensive, made up into huge cones. I'm so glad I stocked up before they sold the shop. (It's still a great shop but focused now on commercial knitting yarns instead of the wild and woolly weaving fibers).

For my Thanksgiving knitting, I think I'll start the dog-walking gloves I'm making for my boyfriend - easy to transport and don't need a pattern... What are you taking along for your Thanksgiving knitting or crocheting?

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CanarySanctuary said...

How pretty! It's a lovely pattern :)