Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lucky Guy

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Some time ago (a little over a year) I got this skein of yarn through the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club. It's called "LUCKY" and is a beautiful melange of shamrock, jade, bottle, leaf, and Kelly greens. I'm sorry to admit that I didn't appreciate it when I first received it in the mail, and Tina, the wonderful dyer and colour artist from BMFA, offered to exchange it for a skein that was a little less "lucky". But I couldn't part with it, and now I'm glad!

Just this week, it's been decided that the wedding will be a green wedding. Green is lucky in so many ways, and is a favourite colour for all concerned. So, I'm using this skein to make another wedding tie - a Lucky Tie for a Lucky Guy...


The pattern is from a 1921 Bear Brand Glossilla booklet. Glossilla was a substitute for silk. I'm using fingering weight wool and it's coming out beautifully. The wedding dress is from a 1930's pattern (yes, I'm making the wedding dress, too!) so having Mr. Lucky in a 1920's tie would be great! I don't know if he'll wear it, but I want to make it anyway....


I am having to re-write the pattern for this, but I am using the stitch indicated. I'll give more details when it's all finished Right now, so much is happening at once - including organizing a honeymoon in Buenos Aires!

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ziarah said...

Are you getting married?

I still have a package coming your way, but my work is on the edge of bankrupcy (or however it is spelled), so I'm low on money for shipping. Thinking about you, though, big hugs!