Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Severus Snape is my boyfriend

I don't have anything to say, except that is raining, I don't feel well, I'm lonely, and I'm hungry. Or, to put it another way.....
Next week will be warm and sunny,
I will never be sick again in my life,
Soon I will be doing fun things with friends and I love my lj friends,
I think I will make my favorite food: baked potato, for supper tonight!

speaking of being wonderful, Marky from Oz sent me the most incredible belated birthday presents!!! A Yarn magazine, - the latest edition, a Needlecraft magazine - which, if the clothing of the ladies in the ads is anything to go by (and I think it is), is from the early 1900's and includes a pattern for a tea cosy(!!!), and some incredibly cool knitting needles made from Australian Oak and with little carved round balls on the top that are artistically painted Aqua with WHITE POLKA DOTS!!!! (sorry, just lost my mind for a moment)...

A Whole Box of vintage/antique bakelite knitting needles - A Whole Box - off all rainbow colours and they are ALL matching pairs!!!!! {dies} {faints} {swoons} {revives}.

Unless you are a knitter and collector afflicted with obsession - especially obsession with the 30's and 40's - you cannot know the thrill of having your dearest desires appear on your doorstep with a Sydney postmark.

Thank you, Marky. I'm sorry. If Severus Snape were not my boyfriend, you would be. But you are next in line. honest.

Now, I never mentioned it, but a few months ago Nad sent me a vintage crochet hook from Germany, from the 40's It is war-time plastic (similar to Bakelite) and is bright red!!! I cherish it.

It is so unfortunate that I still don't have a computer because I can't take photos and show you anything and I'm making such wonderful things. (even if I do say so myself). I know, you think you'll do fine without my knitting photos. But deep down inside.... don't you miss them?

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