Monday, February 12, 2007

when the computer fairies visit

Having finished my current knit projects on Saturday, and packaged them for sending, I spent a very frustrating Saturday evening and all day Sunday trying to get inspired by a new project. I searched everywhere for a garter-rib pattern I wanted for a springy merino yarn in mauve, and couldn't find it. My OS drove with me around to various knitting shops to see if they knew what I was talking about. Alas, no. On Sunday evening, I got out my needles and after 3 trials finally found the stitch I was envisioning: CO 28 (size 5 needles --> this makes a difference), K4P4. turn. repeat. Its so lovely. A photo will happen when the computer fairies return.

Edited to add: (Oops! I tried to add the picture of my new knit pattern, but my laptop died before it loaded! The home laptop is completely dead now, so updates will be few and far between unless computer fairies visit. Don't worry. I'll connect as able from work.)

I have some new books: Twinkle's Big City Knits -

I think I want to make everything in this book!

and I want Spring to come soon.

Green From Inside

The moon comes to visit as a guest
of the night. Rose sits down by

thorn. Someone washing clothes
asks for the sun's forgiveness!

Compass leg circles the point.
Muhammad arrives here, a stranger,

Spring to this dry tree. Hallaj
smiles at his cross. The pomegranate

flowers. Everyone talks about
greenery, not with words but quietly

as green itself talks from inside,
as we begin to live our love.

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