Sunday, February 5, 2006

Happy when it rains

I *am* very happy with today and it is a beautifully rainy day here - not cold but Spring-like with a light rain that makes the fire in the fireplace and the peachy bread pudding in the oven seem very cosy! (if anyone wants the recipe, let me know :) The little dog has been Hoovering the floor looking for spare bits, and unknowingly picking up little snipped off ends of yarn from my knitting, so now he looks like he has a black beard!

Bits of yarn on the floor? Yes! I finished the Rose Leaf Gloves for Karen and mailed them off a couple of days ago. She wrote a poem about how she felt like a rose bush that was waiting to bloom, and it inspired me to design these: {don’t look any further Karen if you want to be surprised}

"Sophia Roseleaf Gloves">
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For the cuff detail, I used a pattern from an old, old booklet from the early 1900’s (I collect these, though they’re getting more and more scarce – I haven’t found one for several months) but then had to cross-reference it with a more modern book to figure out how to do it in the round for a glove cuff. It was fun working on the design and then bringing it into being!

Today there are so many possibilities before me. I do need to prepare for my class on Tuesday, and see if any students have emailed with homework problems. A while ago a couple of people wrote about how past problematic students had enrolled in their classes this semester. The same thing happened to me! A student I had in a different class who I had to speak to about being “disrespectful” and who then refused to say anything for the rest of the class, joined this class! So far, she’s been just fine and her work is excellent. Whew! I was worried for a while. I think that teaching is so self-revealing. Every time I am confronted with this group of minds, my own “growing edges” come to the fore, and I have to work on myself and develop myself in order to help my students grow and learn. I know it’s supposed to be that way, but we should get paid *way* more for this much inner work!!

Other things to do:
Watch America’s Next Top Model and knit on the soft blue legwarmers that are going to bridge the gap between my nightgown and my slippers when I’m on the computer late at night;

Go to Borders Books for the Superbowl Sunday live music alternative with my friend P; bring my knitting; We might also wander around to other shops that are having special events.

Update my farm (Luminous moon Farm) in Harvest Moon, More Friends of Mineral Town. I have a puppy named Danny and a Pony named Shawnsie and I give them lots of attention but I haven’t had enough crops harvested in order to buy a brush for them, so they haven’t grown up. I also keep forgetting to visit the Harvest Elves and bring them flour so I don’t have any help on the farm. I really want to bring them some cookies. I brought them some flowers and they said “we don’t like those!” Ha Ha!

Draw pictures of the finger puppets I’m making for my Librarian friend, Holly, to use in her Story Hour. I wonder if I can make the Wizard look anything like Snape????

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