Wednesday, November 23, 2005

GoF - Not just a movie!

When I got home from seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my head was swimming with all the knitted garments I saw! The creative center of my brain kept urging "remember these remember these!" so I quickly sketched out the ones that I remembered best and noted all the details of colour and stitch. This is what I did:

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The first one was Ginny Weasley's hooded sweater. It was done in grey wool in garter stitch, had a zip-up front, and a hood. The point of the hood, the zipper pull, and each cuffless sleeve had a fat tassel of grey and orange threads. Around the neck, little orange flowers were embroidered in 'lazy daisy' stitch.

The next one I saw was a hat on a girl in the stadium. It was tan yarn (sorry, I didn't have a tan coloured pencil) - fairly fine - and seemed to be in a smooth knit stitch like stockinet. There was no brim, just a very narrow rib around the edge. Randomly around the hat were little bobbles in tan and green.

I also noticed Ron's winter hat with ear flaps. This was a complicated intarsia pattern which I didn't see closely enough to copy. The designs were in black yarn and the hat background was deep blue - like Maxfield Parrish sky blue. The ties that dangled sown from the triangle ear flaps seemed to be just a simple chain.

Ron also features in one of his Mom's goofy knits again: a raglan sleeved pullover. This sweater was done up in what looked like brown/cream "rag wool". The term rag wool doesn’t refer to anything bad, its a kind of yarn where two colours are spun together for a kind of heathery look. This sweater had buttons on the front shoulders where the raglan sleeve seams were - I couldn't tell if the sweater actually opened on these seams. The sweater also had a big felt "R" appliqu├ęd to the front. Very cute!

Cho's house scarf caught my eye also - I loved the midnight blue (it looked black at first on the dark screen) with thin silver stripes! The scarf was a very fine 1 X 1 rib - probably done on small needles with sport yarn.

The other house scarves had this same very fine rib stitch and did you notice that the gold of the Gryffindor scarves was a gold heather this year? It seemed to be gold with a very light black heather. Cedric Diggory's was gold with fine black stripes and Harry's was Burgundy with thin gold stripes - both golds used that heathery wool.

The last sketch I made was a pink sweater that Hermione was wearing under a coat (sorry I didn't have a pink pencil either) - so all I saw was the top part and neck. From the little I saw I tried to imagine what the style was like. It seemed to be a funnel neck raglan sweater in fine yarn - probably sport weight - but it was done in a very interesting and complicated-looking diagonal stitch.

I plan to see the movie a few more times while its still in the theatres and my eyes will be glued to the screen to get more and better tips about all the knitted goods in Goblet of Fire!!

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