Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mochi mochi

O. M. G.


I have Never had chocolate as good as this! From my swap box, "Mochi Chocolate". It is a rice sweet ball filled with molten dark chocolate and dusted all over with bittersweet chocolate. Each little ball is soft, like a black olive...

Wonderful Mochi
I am Over The Moon
Let's eat...just one more!

and here is some information from my swap partner on the flavours of the other things... (amazing!)


Ki-kat flavors change every couple months here, and I tend to stockpile them for gifts when I go home. The flavors I included are: Soy Sauce (the small ones.. bet you wouldn’t have guessed! ^_~), Apple, Oshiruko (traditional sweet red bean soup), and not mocha, but actually Daigakuimo (lit. “college potatoes”) – which is a kind of a sticky-sweet, gooey, caramelized sweet potato snack. They released it this year timed to coincide w/ college entrance exams as a good luck charm for the kiddies (kit-kat sounds like the words for certain victory in japanese, so they /really/ use that as a marketing ploy for college-bought students). ^_^

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