Sunday, February 1, 2009

...and his boots were yellow

Old Tom Bombadil
is a merry fellow
Bright blue his jacket is
and his boots are yellow.... (Tolkien)

I've finally Kitchenered the toes of the Plimoth Plantation stockings that I knit for the Living History re-enactor with the size 12 feet and will mail them off tomorrow.


They are very long over-the-knee stockings, with a mock seam up the back and a welt to grip the garters. The heels are square, and there is a diamond patterned clock on both sides if the ankle... The yarn is quite harsh and thick. The head of the wardrobe department said that no one ever complains about it - they are just grateful to have nice warm socks!


I quite like them, and wish that I had a pair myself (but in a more muted colour)!


I tried to buy some Sundara sock yarn tonight during her February offering. There was a tea related colour that I wanted and some beautiful greens, and I've never seen this yarn in person...... but, though I checked every 5 minutes starting at 2:30 pm, and I did manage to get the yarn into my shopping cart... before my invoice even refreshed on the screen for my billing details, all the sock yarn had sold out.

Sundara said that this month's yarns were meant to dispel the gloom of winter, but I'm afraid it has only made me feel more gloomy. Only few were able to snatch up the fresh yarn and lighten their winter doldrums. I wasn't one of them, and will have to suffer the effects of cold, dark days a while longer, un-yarned.

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