Monday, February 18, 2008

Thom's afghan

Have you made a square for Grandpa Rav? Thom fell from a ladder (to avoid falling on someone else) and was very badly hurt. If you search for the Thom's Afghan group on Ravelry, you'll find the group blanket that's being made for him, to cheer him during this long recovery period and several surgeries. The organizers need 100 more squares to complete the blanket, so if you care to knit or crochet one, sign in and sign on!

Thoms afghan square

My square is crocheted, with a heart made from Garnstudio Fabel sock yarn appliqued to a simple square made from Sublime Superwash Extra Fine Merino. It was quick and easy. The colours of this blanket are blues and greys, with just a touch of other colours.... It's looking good already! You can see all the other squares made so far by clicking on the 'projects' tab in the Thom's Afghan forum.

I have a holiday today, and that means knitting on the Plimoth Plantation stockings. I bought some new Addi Turbo needles for this project, because the Shetland worsted is very 'sticky' and needs some slick needles for fast knitting. Background to the knitting? I have a choice of marathons on TV: ANTM, Project Runway, and Firefly! Tea, turbos, and TV. That's a real holiday!

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