Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Santa Letter

We have snow!!
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Lots of snow!

yes, several inches of snow fell on Sunday and Monday. So much, that I had to stay home from work on Monday (that, and my car was having its flat tire fixed that day). Staying home was hard. I had to read. and knit. and watch Sci Fi channel. And wrap Christmas presents. And get the house ready for the holidays. SIGH. So hard....

From now on it will be real winter weater - 20 to 30 degrees in the daytime (and in the deep winter, January, it will fall below zero in the daytime). But I feel ready. I have my knitting yarn stash to keep me warm, LOL!

Dear Santa,

I know I've been on your Bad List for some years now. It's okay. It was my choice to be bad and I knew the consequences. I know that's why I've had some Christmases with no presents and no company and I've shared my Christmas dinner with pets instead of people. I know I'm not very lovable and its okay if you see my name on your list and sigh and shake your head.

But I wanted you to know that I've been better this year! My goodness hasn't really been by choice. Circumstances have changed to make me better, but these unexpected things happen all the time and I'm willing to accept serendipitous goodness. Its a kind of Grace, I think.

So if you've decided to move my name to your "other" list, I'm ready to be there. There's not much that I want for Christmas except things that are beyond my control. Badness is a good provider of material things, so I have a lot. A lot of yarn, a lot of tea, a lot of books, a lot of drawing pens, a lot of writing paper, a lot of vintage patterns, a lot of jewelry. Its amazing how lucky you can be when you're bad. When you're willing to spend the grocery money in the thrift store instead; when you're willing to buy Christmas presents for yourself at the same time you're buying Christmas presents for others; when you're willing to stay up all night to out-bid some other hopeful, innocent and good person on Ebay. {{SIGH....}}

So, what I'd like for Christmas:
1. I'd like to feel good more days than not (any vitamins to help with this would be appreciated)
2. I'd like my little sister to come home and spend a happy, care-free time with me (and please give her lots of presents from other people so she won't have financial worries about her vacation here)
3. I'd like my Bf to be more accepting of me, and easy-going with me, and want to actually do fun things together. Please help him with this. I've done all I can.
4. I'd like to spend more time with Jackie, my Bf's dog, and please help me find him the perfect Christmas present.
5. And I'd like to have more time. Lots more time. To do so many things. I like to work but I don't want to work all the time. I want to play and spend way more time at the ocean, on both coasts. K?

That's all Santa. And thanks. If you can't give me everything, please give me the second wish. Cause I'm just a live-for-now kinda girl.

Of course, if you wanted to give me yarn....

Luv ya,


Briley said...

Sophia, I hope your sister makes it home for Christmas, and that you have more people than animals to share the day with!

Unraveling Sophia said...

Thanks! She is coming home and that will be lots of fun!

Nad said...

YAY! So glad to hear she'll be home. :):):)