Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Good News

Merry Christmas, everyone!


This morning, as I was doing yesterday's dishes, I listened to National Public Radio's news show, which was all about Christmas and holiday-related subjects. In one story, the editor of Wired was interviewed regarding his views on good & evil, "naughty and nice". He said that he had done a study, categorizing news of note into two lists. He found that the "good" news - news about a new cure, or a significant kindness, or a peaceful act - outweighed the "bad" news: news of war, crime, death, and disease...but not by much. Good news was 51%. Bad news was 49%. But - he went on to say - that one percent is a powerful thing. Like compound interest, it is one of the powerfull forces in the universe because, over time - like years - it becomes so much greater...

To me, this meant that no act of good, however small, is ever unimportant... that it adds compoundedly to this 1% more goodness in the world.

Thank you all for your kindness to me throughout this past year and I hope that I've added in some small way to your happiness, too.


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CanarySanctuary said...

What an uplifting sentiment - made me smile today!

Thank you so much too.

Hope you have a great holiday.