Thursday, November 22, 2007

Riding hats and Swing skirts

I had a wonderful find this weekend while doing a little pre-Christmas shopping. I was searching an antique store for a jewelry gift for a friend's birthday, when I came across a stack of vintage and antique knitting and needlecraft booklets. Many that I left there were U8F (ultimate 80's fugliness) but the ones I took home were increadible and beautfiul. Each was between $2 and $5 a piece - pricey but it all added up to less than a modern hardcover knitting book.

I got:

An old, old "Boye circular Knitting Pin" size 2 and 11 inches long! It says "specially designed for boucle work" and is enclosed by a pink and yellow deco looking paper envelope. Inside with the needle was a newspaper clipping. It didnt have a date, but on one side were illustrations and directions for many embroidery stitches, and on the other was a news story about a crowd watching the test explosions of the original atom bombs, showing them watching them through dark glasses from a few miles away... wonder what happened to those people.... anyway, this gives an idea of the age of this knitting needle

Tatting Craft My Book No. 3 "A Real Sampler" over 100 designs, by Anna Valeire - I think it says 1911

Tatting Designs with Instructions Book No. 5 ,by Adeline Cordet - 1916

Tatting Book No. 13 by Anne Orr - 1913

The tatting books have nightgown and corset-cover yokes, bonnets, candy and hairpin baskets, and lacey edgings.

Clark's Designs for 100 edgings and insertions - 1920

Star Needlework Journal - 1925 Vol 10 No 1, this has "One of the New Knitted Bead Bags" among other things

Star Needlework Journal - 1925 Vol 10 No 2; this booklet has "Just the right knits for Romp and Play" and knitted laces for fine and heavy thread, and the hilariously titled "Tatting for the Less Ambitious"

Sports Attire - 1940 Just some of the patterns in this very tattered booklet: "a Good Habit - To Knit Your Riding Togs" with one of my favorite patterns, the knitted riding hat;
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"Cruise Wear" with a sailer hat, a bolero, and a sports jacket; The Swing Skirt
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and golf sweater; "Tennis Togs" with shorts, halter top, open skirt, calot, and anklets; One-piece Bathing suit with wrap-around skirt that can be worn as a (rather hot, I would imagine) sun cape;
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Skating things, including a knitted muff, two different embroidered mittens, and some really nice knee socks as well as a flippy skirt, "Fruity Sweater Jacket", and little calot cap; Skiing with knitted pants and hoodie; It also has a chart showing needle and hook sizes and a size chart that lists a size 12 as having a 30" bust

America Men's Sweaters at Work and Play; "Take Your Place in Civilian Defense" - 1942; lots of pullovers, cardigans and vests with WWII type names like "Victory Vest" and "Defense Worker".

Modern Knitting Designed for You and Yours - 1948; this booklet has 80 pages and the cover shows a bright yellow one-piece knitted bathing suit; full of dresses, blouses, sweaters, boleros, coats, hats, and baby and child wear!

What a find! I hope to try out and post some of these patterns eventually...


Nad said...

What a lovely find. I never seem to come across vintage patterns- there is stuff from the 80s around but since that coincides with my mum's craft phase we already have those books. I knit my most favourite gloves from a vintage pattern and it was lovely. :)

Unraveling Sophia said...

Hey Nad, do you like vintage patterns at all? I asked you once a couple of years ago and you said you had more than enuogh patterns, but I wondered if your interests had changed....