Tuesday, November 20, 2007

land o' snow

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It's snowing! The first snow of the year and Mr. Newsy on TV said it may reach 3 or 4 inches today. But it will be gone by morning because its 50 degrees here.

I'm glad the streets will clear because my kitty is at the Vet's today for surgery on her oddly swollen mouth. She probably cut herself on some odd bit around the house and became infected. She is a cat with a mental disorder. She has Pica - the eating of non-edible things. Infants, Toddlers, and Animals get this disorder when they've gone through periods of starvation. Catherine was a feral cat and no matter how plump and secure she becomes in our cosy home she can't stop chewing on odd table legs and lapping up dust.

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I'm anxiously awaiting a call from the Veterinary to find out how badly off she is/was and when I can bring her home. The good news is that I've put in to take tomorrow off and the next two days are Thanksgiving Holiday, and the next two are the weekend so I can stay home for five days to keep an eye on her and......knit!

Recently a knitting package came for me from another snowy land.... Norway! We had a tea and yarn secret swap on my Tea and Knitting group on Ravelry (Cup 'a Tea) and the marvelous Ziarah sent me this package:

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Do you see what is there? Yes - its potatoes! Potatoes are my favorite food and I happened to make a joke of this on the swap questionaire, so Ziarah went to the local farmer's market and bought me some of the special Norwegian potatoes that are served for holidays, especially Christmas. They were small, and smooth and yellow and when cooked up they tasted so buttery! (yes I had them for supper with cottage cheese the very afternoon they arrived - I was so excited!) I would like to taste potatoes from all over the world! Wouldn't that be fun? Why doesn't anyone want to have a potato and yarn swap???

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Nad said...

Uh oh, poor Catherine- I'm so sorry to read that she's not well. And I think my choice for holiday gift for her wasn't the cleverest one. I keep her in my thoughts and hugs to you both!