Saturday, September 1, 2007

Unraveling Sophia


I got my invite to Ravelry tonight!! I don't have anything posted yet but I'll be filling it up soon... my Ravelry name is UnravelingSophia....

I've also captured Unraveling for Etsy, so I'l have someplace to highlight my original patterns...and I've started this purely knitting blog, Unraveling Sophia, as a place to muse about designs that are percolating inside and slowing appearing from my needles!

The entries here, up to this point, are re-posts from my original Lj (Livejournal - another blogging system). I didnt want to lose the history of some designs and also wanted new readers to be able to get to know me by reading back through the posts... It looks like no one has ever replied to my blog, but thats only because all the replies are over on the old journal...only the posts themselves were tranfered over to here. Hopefully, friends will follow over here!

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