Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sheep Cookie!

Last week was a wild one at work, trying to get so much finished so I could take next week off. People wandered the offices everyday with their little gifts for people. One of the secretaries is a master baker - seriously, she could open a shop - and she always makes fancy cookies as gifts for Christmas. This year she gave me two, and one was:

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A Sheep!!

I love his woolly polkadots in yellow and blue! I don't want to eat him, but I'm afraid that he won't last past Christmas afternoon, teatime...I just don't have the willpower, as her cookies are always not only lovely, but tasty!

Now today, I am going to bring in some of my antique knitting booklets (1920's) to the Yarn Store to show them. The store owner is trying to put some tie patterns together and asked me if I would bring mine in. I have the "Glossiler Booklet of Men's Ties" which is great and the styles are back again now after almost 100 years! My dream is to have a website where I sell vintage style knitted things... I love these old patterns, they have such an elegance and the cut is so flattering. like this one:

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