Sunday, March 5, 2006

knitting camel from across the seas

Do Camels cross the wide seas???

Anyway, The knitting camel caravan arrived yesterday at my house from far across the seas! Dear Marky sent knitting gifts that will keep me busy for a long, long time...

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Knitting needles click:
a cup of tea scents the air,
The new shawl begins!

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So, I started a new shawl that I like far better than the one I was making. This one is my own design, taken from several of the lace patterns in the books from Marky. I'm using a non-striping sock yarn in shaded blues, combined with light blue Kid Seta mohair and silk. It’s beautifully soft, and I'm still trying to finish it in a week! I've got a couple of feet done, while watching a Project Runway marathon. I'll knit more tonight because I have the new Pride and Prejudice to watch!

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